Why do you support Jacqueline Ku for the Duarte School Board?

"Having an educator's experience and voice on the SB is important and very necessary" Ms. Messner, Beardslee Teacher & DUEA President

Rohan, DHS Student
Hannah Pung CSarts Class of 2024
Hannah, CSarts Student
Casey, DHS Student

"Because you are an educator and a Duarte resident who believes in education equity and had taught in your home district." Ms. Rubio, Pre-K Teacher

Aaron, Class of 2020
Katie, DUSD Student (Prior)
Emily, DHS Student

"What she said!"

Ms. Avila, Beardslee Teacher

"Having worked with Miss Ku, I can say with confidence that she has the determination and the work effort to get things done. She genuinely cares about the students and the city of Duarte, and would be a valuable asset to our school board." Ms. Smith, DHS Teacher

"Why vote for Ms. Ku? Here is my dissent. Ms. Ku stands and supports our students and educators. Ms. Ku is an advocate that our community needs to better move Duarte Unified towards a more equitable education opportunities for all." Ms. Tseng, DHS Teacher

"Ms. Jacqueline Ku, being a former educator at Duarte High Schools, knows what will be best for the students, staff members, and community of Duarte. This makes her the perfect choice for school board member" Ms. Nunez, DHS Teacher

"As a former teacher at DHS, Jackie Ku understands the needs of our students, parents, and community. She possesses the empathy and integrity necessary to be a great leader, and I have the utmost trust in her abilities be an outstanding member of our school board. Jackie Ku is the breath of fresh air our school board so desperately needs to move our district forward." DHS teacher

"The Chinese newcomer, Jacqueline Ku, is the only one with a teacher background and teaching experience."

(The World Newspaper, P.B4, Sept. 18, 2020)

"We need a school board member with classroom experience to ensure the curriculum is delivered equitable to all students" Liz Reilly, Duarte Council Women

"13 Chinese candidates from Southern California talk about political opinions online"

By Wang Quaniuzi Oct 11, 2020